Monday, July 7, 2014

Shortage of cement and rebar affects execution of eleven works approved

Ciro Colmenares, Chief, Division of Civil Works expressed concern at the lack of supply of raw materials such as cement and rebar for the implementation of the 11 projects approved by the Inter-territorial Compensation Fund, to develop this year.

"So far they have been approved 11 works for a total of 4 million 357 thousand bolivars of 50 projects submitted by the Mayor to the FCI, to be implemented this year, but these jobs have been affected by the lack of raw materials , problem afflicting the national system of construction, "said Colmenares.

Among the works that are awaiting material are: "Construction of Gabion Wall in Main Sector road Madre Juana, San Sebastian Parish"; "Replacing Stormwater Collector, located on Main Street Marco Tulio Rangel, Vereda St. Hedwig Parish La Concordia"; "Conservation and Improvement of Rural Aqueduct sectors Barrio Bolivar, La Villa, Santa Teresa and Santa Cecilia, San Juan Bautista Parish"; "Improving Stormwater Collector, Barrio Marco Tulio Rangel II Highlands La Concordia Parish"; "Improving Stormwater Collector, Barrio Marco Tulio Rangel, Concordia Parish."

Besides the "Construction of the Wall of the Quebrada Bermeja the end of the race 8 at the Neighborhood Guzmán Blanco, San Juan Bautista Parish (1st Phase)"; "Continued Construction of Water Collector Vega served in the Ink, San Sebastian Parish Sector"; "Continuation of Road Improvements Sector Brisas El Pinar, San Juan Bautista Parish"; "Construction of the Private collectors and Andrés Bello Barrio Los Mangos, La Concordia Parish"; "Construction of Rigid Pavement in Road Chaucha table in Paramito Sector", "Conservation and road improvements, construction Collector and Stormwater Served on Calle La Candelaria Passage of Machirí San Gabriel, San Juan Bautista Parish"; "Construction of the 1st Stage of the Wall Containment Area Lourdes Parish Pedro María Morantes".

Colmenares said that the shortages affecting the rule and therefore the town, affects start of works to be executed during 2014, noting that there are important works such as rehabilitation and improvement of various road arteries in the five parishes comprising the town, construction of aqueducts, wastewater collection, wastewater collectors, rigid pavements, retaining walls, among others.

Note that these works were approved by FCI, and have the financial resources for their implementation, are just waiting for the supply of cement and rebar for they continue that are already running, and to start you are scheduled.

Works on hold

Among other works that are waiting for resources are: "Construction of Wastewater Collector Street Spring and Vereda The Effort, Sector" C "in San Rafael Llano Road"; "Continued Construction and" Construction of Rigid Pavement, Calle El Porvenir (stage II) The Concordia) "; "Improving Public Lighting Sector Pedro María Barrio Libertador Parish Morantes"; "Patching and Upgrades folder bearing with Hot Asphalt Pyrenees Pedro II Mary Parish Morantes Sector"; "Improvements Served Collector and Stormwater, Street 1 Neighborhood Ambrosio Plaza, Parroquia San Juan Bautista" and "Consolidation of Wastewater Sector Vereda La Popa 3 Parroquia San Juan Bautista."

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