Monday, July 14, 2014

2011 A Good Year For Investments In Real Estate In Mexico

2010 was the best year for real estate investment in Mexico because yields had a 17% increase this year at reaching one of the best places in the world for their performance in the Index of Prices and Quotations on the Mexican Stock Securities and expected to in 2011 keeps the same pace.

The Mexican stock market capitalization was valued at approximately $ 488, 000 million, a record 11% above the maximum (pre-crisis) of 440, 000 million dollars.

According to Jorge Alegría, deputy general manager of market and information of the Mexican Stock Market prospects for the Mexican stock market are positive forward though perhaps more moderate growth for 2011 to 3.5%.

The international real estate environment facing an environment of economic instability and fragility so in 2011 is expected to be less volatile than in 2010 when the Mexican Stock Exchange suffered a lot of uncertainty and insecurity.

Factors influencing growth in the CPI (Index of Prices and Quotations) in 2010 were mainly foreign investment as well as financing through the stock market hit a record high of 37, 750 million pesos, which turned 2010 the best year to provide resources to businesses.

This year 2010 is in the highest levels of available cash flow back to the previous operating the crisis in the economy, this condition also favored the market value of securities of Mexican companies have recovered and achieved improvements in their situation financial and decreased levels of leverage.

So closes the year with new opportunities for growth and taking advantage of opportunities that were presented, hereafter perhaps the upside potential market is more limited by what the future rise depends on the growth and expansion of the profits generated by Mexican firms.

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