Friday, February 28, 2014

Bill Gates buys Florida Villa for 8.7 million U.S. dollars for his daughter

Seattle-based Microsoft founder Bill Gates - and the second richest man in the world - remarkably , does not have an excess of properties. Previously, when his horse -loving daughter participated in Florida, the multi- billionaire rented houses for his family rather than buying.

No longer. According to the South Florida property records and Extra Gossip , Gates now has a place in Wellington , Florida , paying U.S. $ 8.7 million in cash. The Mediterranean style residence is very different and much smaller than the high-tech compound and modern Gates extends over 5 acres with 4650 square meters of living space on Lake Washington , about 13 kilometers east of Seattle.

The doors of the house just purchased Wellington is reportedly a residence he and his family rented last year in January when her teenage daughter participated in the Winter Equestrian Festival. Built in 2010, the field has 4 bedrooms and 4 bathrooms with 670 square meters, open floor plan . Horse-friendly features like a 20 stall barn and arena jumping were probably part of the Gates decision to buy the house .

Gates is not the only purchase in Wellington businessman. New York Mayor Bloomberg and founder Michael Bloomberg has a house there, and the former owner of the LA Dodgers , Frank McCourt .

Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Real Florida: an opportunity for prices that you would not expect

Florida is a unique place in which to combine exclusivity , pleasant climate and excellent conditions for life with a wide range of cultural , social and sports activities for everyone. Reality in Florida while you can buy at prices that you would not expect .

The company offers Rellox will find a wide selection of properties in Florida from apartments to family homes to luxury villas with private beaches adjacent . Reality can collect throughout Florida including places like Miami , Palm Beach, Boca Raton , Orlando , Naples , Fort Lauderdale , Sarasota , Cape Coral and Venice . With the selection of a suitable apartment or house will be happy to assist you and then provide comprehensive services for the purchase of property . Real estates in Florida can be found here .
According to the needs and interests of each client select an appropriate property with the buyer to enter the letter . Reality in Florida can be an excellent investment , as well as a great place for first and second homes . Let us together for a brief overview of what everything Florida has to offer.

You love relaxing on the beaches warmed ?
Try to think , what is your idea of ​​a perfect spent the day relaxing . Sun rays watering warm soft sand, beautiful blue sea and plenty of options to choose how to spend your time . A nice comfortable couch doing nothing in a chilled drink in hand , bathing, sunbathing , boating, surfing or even beach volleyball. Deeply you can also enjoy romantic moments at sunset, which will conclude with a good dinner in one of the nearby restaurants and cafes.

Do you like golf?
Florida has a reputation as the promised land of golf . Perhaps nowhere in the world can not find in such a small space such a diverse number of quality golf courses. Due to the climate can pursue their passion throughout the year , if you want to be available to you the best trainers . Number of courses , of course, corresponds to the selection of the golf real estate , a property built on golf courses or in close proximity.

Do you own a yacht?
Florida , you can explore from the comfort of your own yacht . It will not happen to you that you should not where to anchor . Only in Fort Lauderdale will find an extensive system of canals with more than a hundred ports for your yacht . Coast of Florida is a long almost three thousand kilometers and offers many bays , estuaries and other wonderful places directly calling for the examination .

Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Selling condos shooting in Miami, despite the battered housing market

Condo sales in the Miami metropolitan area , especially luxury continue to rise thanks to foreign investors who see their discounted prices a tempting offer , while continuing the fall of the housing market in the state.

Sales of existing condominiums in the Miami metropolitan area rose 94 percent in April , from 723-1404 units , compared with the same period in 2010, according to figures from the Miami Association of Realtors .

Regarding the sale of family homes, an increase of 40 percent in April from the previous year was recorded , but down 19 percent from March .

" There's like a revival " in the city , but in " very localized areas " as the center , including the Brickell area , the financial heart of Miami , told Efe Utset Clara , Realtor Realty World Real Estate Center.

It is therefore a very localized phenomenon at low for the property market in the city, where the decline in home values ​​continues hours.

" I have not seen yet the market is changing. Prices have not stabilized ," said Utset , who said the "contradictory information " that currently broadcast experts .

In fact , he said, "the market has not yet bottomed out," according to experts, and " what I see is that it's much inventory of foreclosures and 'short -sale ' " in the city .

In your opinion, is just falling housing prices " what is moving the market" property .

In addition , most real estate transactions are made in cash , because " the bank still with enough restrictions" in providing credit , he said.

According to the Miami Association of Realtors , international sales accounted for 60 percent of total sales of resale and 90 percent of new construction .

A typical case of this flow of foreign money that comes to the rescue of the market is the Icon Brickell luxury condominiums , most of which was held by lenders when the real estate market collapsed in 2008 and 2009.

The complex of 1,800 units , the work of the developer Related Group , who until recently lived very low sales hours , has seen a marked improvement in the business opportunity that involves falling prices .

Just over a year after a group of banks became owner of two of the three towers that make up the Icon Brickell , has already sold more than 930 units of these , about three-quarters of the condos for sale, according to information gathered by The Miami Herald.

Buyers are mainly Argentines and Brazilians the most of these luxury properties Icon , whose initial asking price fell as much as 40 percent are held.

Wednesday, February 19, 2014

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