Monday, July 28, 2014

How to decorate a home for prosperity

This is the fragment of an interview with him to the renowned interior designer, Candice Olson for the television network HGTV. This Canadian is quite right, and you do not need to have the walls lined with gold to feel prosperous and live in a place of abundance.

How pleasant it is to open the door of your house and feel that you are immensely prosperous and thriving, your space besides that gives you peace and harmony.

To achieve a home that reflects abundance is not necessary to purchase very expensive furniture, just enough to keep order, make good use of colors, furniture and accessories, have a good decorative design and especially to surround yourself with objects that you are always remembering that you live a full life.

Then I'll give you some pills feng shui decoration and so you can achieve a prosperous and abundant home.

* The vivid colors like red, dark green, purple and blue give us a sense of wealth. Not to say you paint your house with these colors, if they are too strong for you pick a wall and paint it one of these tones. You can also place gold and silver accessories, this will give another nuance.

* Argentina's renowned writer Mabel Iam, in an article written for the siempremujer website talks about the colors; and what are the best practices for attracting wealth, "Green helps create harmony opening economic opportunities. Amarillo, increases creativity. White opens the way to wellness. "

* Place fresh in your living room flowers. Bright and cheerful, for example, pink gerberas, red, yellow, orange, sunflowers, daisies, colors etc. Recently on his twitter, Feng Shui specialist Audrey White chrysanthemums recommended because they are flowers that attract good luck.

* Keep the toilet lid closed and drains and the bathroom door to prevent escape wealth around.
Place pictures that symbolize prosperity or images of those objects you want to own. Remember that all this goes to your unconscious.

* A good trick is to place a platter or bowl with many coins you can accompany with Chinese coins and bills, if you prefer.

* Place a water fountain in your space, because this also adding a point of calm at home also symbolizes the flow of money.

* In your dining room placed a beautiful fruit arrangement and install a mirror that reflects back to the table, this symbolizes the multiplication of food in your house.

* It is said that plants are a good conductor of abundance, then int├ęgralas to your decor, the most recommended are the jade plant or all those rounded leaves and of course the Lucky Bamboo.

* Finally, I remind you that it all starts within you, so try to keep a positive vibration, can help you with positive affirmations, which can repeat mentally or, you stick them in a visible place in your space.

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